This is the website of Education Academy of Computational Life Sciences which ended on March 31st, 2018 due to the end of financial support from MEXT for Program for "Leading Graduate Schools". It has been left here as an archive.
Its education program is continuing in Tokyo Tech and all the information is updated on the new page.
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Global Communication Contest 2016 (8/10)


List of speakers updated

We are happy to inform you that ACLS will have the 4th Global Communication Contest.

List of Speakers

  Name Speech Title
  1 Shun Nogawa (Ito/Kotera Lab) Genetic Testing
  2 Masaki Wakabayashi (Suzuki Lab) Synaptic Plasticity in Drosophila
  3 Kazuhiro Hiratsuka (Nakamura Lab) Introduction to Basal Ganglia
  4 Takashi Imada (Yamamura Lab) Sex from the View of Molecular Biology
  5 Norwich Mungkalaton  (Konagaya Lab) Food Diplomacy: Explore Cultures - One Dish at a Time
  6 Yoshiki Tanaka (Ito/Kotera Lab) Human Genome
  7 Kayo Osako (Nitta Lab) Inside the Head of Bad with Directions
  8 Keisuke Haraguchi (Iwasaki Lab) Why Are We Different
  9 Naoto Kakami (Ishida Lab) The Future of Drug Creation
10 Yuta Kino  (Nakashima/Yamada Lab) Antisense Therapy
11 Ayaka Kyuji  (Hisabori/Wakabayashi Lab) Why do people love Starbucks??
12 Ryuichi Kondo (Kamachi Lab) Easier Production of Methanol


Date: Wednesday, August 10, 2016
Time: 15:00–17:00
Place: Suzukake Hall
Presentation: 7 min for speech and 3 min for Q&A

Application: Those who wish to deliver a presentation must fill out the Sign-up Form and send it to by 17:00 on Tuesday, July 19.
The topic of presentation is speaker’s own choice.
Those who do not deliver a presentation are strongly encouraged to actively participate in Q&A.

※Application closed. Thank you for your interest!


Professors of ACLS and lecturers of the courses serve as judges and decide winners through discussion and voting.
English proficiency is not an important factor, but the following criteria are used for evaluation.
     1. How engaging the topic is.*1
     2. How understandable the speech is (voice, gestures, assurance).
     3. How willing to communicate you are (with judges and audience).
*1 An attempt to present a difficult subject (e.g., your research, global issues) so that a broad audience can understand and gain a new perspective on it will be a big plus.

People in the audience also have a vote. Use the following criteria.
     1. How engaging and motivating the topic is.
     2. How understandable the speech is.

The three best speakers will be selected and awarded by judges, and an additional speaker will be decided by the audience. Prizes will be announced on the day of the contest.


On the same day, a BBQ is being prepared by ACLS, starting at 18:00. For students delivering a presentation, it is free of charge. For all the other students, it is 1,000 yen. We are looking forward to your participation!



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