tokyo Institute of Technology
The Education Academy of Computational Life Sciences

Outline of the Program

Life science methodologies are now changing drastically with development of information technology and advanced measurement techniques. Currently, new types of specialists are required: specialists who can employ leading-edge computer science approaches in life science researches, such as datadriven methodologies to derive valuable knowledge from massive data sources and high-speed simulation on supercomputing environments. Responding to these emerging trends, ACLS provides the multidisciplinary education program across multiple fields to produce specialists who possess not only the expertise in their major fields but also the knowledge and experience in their subspecialty fields. ACLS aims to produce the Γ (Gamma) Type specialists shown below:
-Distinguished life science specialists with the ability to utilize cutting-edge computer science technology
-Distinguished computer science specialists with the ability to comprehend life science methodology and concepts Life sciences and computer science are now progressing rapidly. It is unrealistic for a student to specialize in both fields, so called π-type, during his / her graduate school years. In fact, incomplete education in these fields could be even disadvantageous for a student's future career path. In this program, we focus on providing our students with profound education in their main areas of expertise in life sciences or computer science to secure their career paths. Then, students learn their secondary specialty solving complex problems in a group work, practically and collaboratively with students from different major fields and backgrounds.