This is the website of Education Academy of Computational Life Sciences which ended on March 31st, 2018 due to the end of financial support from MEXT for Program for "Leading Graduate Schools". It has been left here as an archive.
Its education program is continuing in Tokyo Tech and all the information is updated on the new page.
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Admission Requirements

Eligible Applicants

Master's students who selected one of the graduate majors of the following Schools
 ・School of Life Science and Technology  (All 2 graduate majors)
 ・School of Computing  (All 3 graduate majors)
International students wishing to apply for our program are required first to enter the Master Course of those departments or schools in Tokyo Institute of Technology.
For more information, please visit this page.

Required Qualifications

We conduct selection interviews focused on first-year master's students.
The requirements for the candidates are as follows:

a) Awareness regarding the purpose of the Education Academy of Computational Life Sciences (ACLS)
b) Willingness to learn and utilize multidisciplinary fields
c) Willingness to advance to the doctoral course
d) Qualifications such as creativity or communication skills
e) English skills, etc.

(depending on the circumstances of classes completed, admission in the 2nd year of the master's course is also possible)

Percentage of Selected Students and Selection Method

We select 30 students per year (one and a half times the estimated number of final participants) in the first year of the master's course, then the number is narrowed down to 20 students through academic assessment before the start of the doctoral course.

Right after the students of the ten associated departments enroll in their graduate schools (in April or October), we conduct a selection interview for the academy.

Selection Period

April or October




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