This is the website of Education Academy of Computational Life Sciences which ended on March 31st, 2018 due to the end of financial support from MEXT for Program for "Leading Graduate Schools". It has been left here as an archive.
Its education program is continuing in Tokyo Tech and all the information is updated on the new page.
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ACLS International Summer School

With our support, students plan and organize the “International Summer School” by inviting distinguished researchers as lectures as well as students from overseas universities to work with them. This program allows students to develop their leadership and communication skills in the international arena.

ACLS International Summer School 2012  

 ・Date: September 3 (Mon) - September 5 (Wed), 2012
 ・Place: Shonan International Village Center, Japan
 ・Participants: 41 ACLS students, 11 Abroad students, 8 invited speakers
                        30 ACLS program staff (includs FD seminar participants) 

ACLS International Summer School 2013 

 ・Date: September 9 (Mon) - September 13(Fri), 2013
 ・Place: Imperial College London
 ・Participants: 42 ACLS students, 14 Abroad students, 8 Invited speakers, 14 ACLS & ICL staff 

ACLS International Summer School 2014

・Date: August 13 (Wed) - August 19 (Tue), 2014
・Place: Purdue University, IN, USA
・Participants: 38 ACLS students, 12 Abroad students, 7 Invited speakers, 9 ACLS staff

ACLS International Summer School 2015 

・Date: August 30 (Sun) - September 6 (Sun), 2015 
・Place: University of Oxford, UK

ACLS International Summer School 2016 

・Date: August 28 (Sun) - September 4 (Sun), 2016
・Place:Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University, USA



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